With a primary focus on the audio, visual and décor elements, it is easy to understand why many private home cinema buyers tend to overlook an absolutely essential element to their viewing experience – home cinema seating. The importance of cinema chairs, sofas and other seating options for your home cinema project should certainly not be underestimated.


System Design





Key Considerations

You and your family/friends will be spending at least 2 or more hours at a time, sat in whatever seats you choose, thus it is essential that your seating is both comfortable and durable to stand the test of time.

System Design

How many people do you plan on entertaining on a regular basis? Are these individuals adults? Are they children?

If you plan on hosting a large number of people, you will obviously need more seats and the arrangement of the furniture will be different in order for everyone to have a superior viewing experience.

If you want to be able to cuddle up with a spouse or significant other during a film, it would be wise to invest in movie room couches or chairs that are not separated armrests.

If you have children and intend to host birthday parties or events where children will be present, buying cinema chairs that are easily cleanable to protect against the common spills and stains that usually accompany kid’s events, may be a worthwhile decision.


A common mistake of home cinema enthusiasts is to invest in the best audio and visual equipment but purchase seating that makes the whole experience feel like a trip to the dentist! The Home Cinema Company strongly recommends premium quality home cinema chairs that provide comfort from head to toe. Thick armrests, in-built footrests and smooth reclining operation with high levels of back support are all important factors to look for when choosing your perfect home cinema seating.

Aftersales Support

‘D-BOX’ is one of the latest immersive movie technologies to appear in some of the best commercial cinemas up and down the county. D-BOX motion-enabled cinema seats create an incredible ‘next-level’ cinematic experience that moves your seat in sync with the action on the screen to immerse viewers in the movie so they feel like they’re actually in it! – For those who have been lucky enough to experience D-BOX at a commercial cinema, we are now able to offer D-BOX motion enabled chairs for your very own home cinema.

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