Enhance the sound quality, acoustics, elegance and finish of your home cinema room with our stunning fabric walls, which create the perfect movie experience with the optimal blend of aesthetics and functionality. Our solutions elevate the luxury feel of your cinema to new levels and help make every movie night a truly immersive cinematic experience.


Sound Absorption & Acoustics

Two major benefits of our fabric walls are the improved acoustics and sound absorption. Our walls are specially designed to minimise sound reflections and reduce echoes, leading to a much enhanced immersive audio experience.

Unlike a standard room with bare walls, where sound waves bounce off the surfaces and causes echoes and vibrations, our fabric walls absorb the sound and create a much more balanced environment, enhancing the sound quality of the dialogue and music within your movie.

Fabric walls also serve as barriers, reducing the transmission of sound into other rooms by containing sound within your cinema room. The fabric walls help contain the sound within the cinema room, minimizing disruptions for others in the house and ensuring a private and immersive viewing experience.

Improved Aesthetics

Aside from it’s benefits in sound quality, fabric walls also provide the perfect finish to your luxury cinema room and add the feel of a real cinema. Your theater is instantly transformed from a room with a big screen to a fully immersive and luxurious cinematic experience. With multiple finish options – from classic solid colours to rich velvet or even a stylish pattern, fabric walls add the ultimate touch of class and sophistication to your cinema.

Fabric walls have a timeless quality that transcends trends and fads. While other design elements may come and go, fabric walls retain their elegance and appeal over time. They provide a classic and enduring aesthetic that can adapt to evolving design preferences, ensuring that your home cinema remains stylish and relevant for years to come.

Fabric Wall Lighting

Another benefit of fabric walls are their ability to seamlessly integrate key lighting elements to further enhance the visual appeal of your home cinema. Our team will strategically incorporate lighting features, such as LED strips to add ambient and accent lighting. These are discreetly installed either behind the fabric or around the edges and can be used to create a soft and diffused glow that highlights the texture and contours of the walls, all fully controlled via your app.

Other features include cover lighting, which adds depth and dimension to the fabric walls, enhancing their visual appeal and contributing to the overall ambiance of the home cinema and backlighting, which can be used to accentuate decorative elements or create a sense of depth, transforming the walls into captivating focal points.